I started to get really into watching and following football during my latter high school years. I had never been a big sports guy, but I found myself increasingly drawn to the strategy and complexity of the game of football, as well as the storylines that would develop throughout the season. Contrary to what it’s often portrayed as, football to me is so much more than big guys smashing into each other. There’s so much to analyze, so much that goes into every play, every decision, every dynamic that plays out on the field.

As I got more into football, I became known among my high school colleagues for my excruciatingly long, stream of consciousness Facebook statuses analyzing football games. I would write out all my thoughts unfiltered and in full right after watching a game. My friends loved it, and it especially became fun during the 2011 season, when my hometown New York Giants won the Super Bowl. (Coincidentally, that year was also my first year really following football in depth.)

After I left for college, my interest in Football remained, but the general interest in Facebook faded, and with it went interest in my long football statuses. Considering how much I had to think and say about football, I thought to myself, why not try getting these thoughts down on a more formal and organized platform? And thus, the blog was born.

There’s a lot to talk about in the world of football and I definitely don’t get to all of it, but I try to give my perspective the best I can. My writing has definitely evolved over the years, as have my views, and I’m excited to see where the future takes me.

Thanks for visiting the site!